Session Dates & Fees

Registration Fee:  

$25  (Gymnasts must pay registration fee and turn in a health and registration form prior to attending their first class. Each September or your first class of the 2022-2023 school year program a new form and fee must be submitted.)

Session Fees:  

Fall Prices (6-week session)

¾ hour class: $45

1 hour class:  $60

1.5 hour class: $90

Winter & Spring Prices (14-week session)

¾ hour class: $105

1 hour class: $140

1.5 hour class: $210

Tumble Tots - 3/4 hour class (45 minutes)
Level 1 & 2, Level 3 & 4, & Boys Class - 1 hour class
Level 5 & 6 and Level 7 & 8  (5 +) - 1 ½ hour class

  • If attending more than 1.5 hours per week please inquire to get your session fee.  If you start classes in the middle of a session your fee will be prorated for the number of weeks that are left in the session.

  • Payments should be made in full at the beginning of the session.  You may break the payment in half if you need to.  The first half of the payment should be paid at the start of the session and then the second half of the payment should be payed within four weeks.  If your child starts the session you are required to pay for the entire session.   


·            Fall:  September 10 – October 21 – 6 Week Session

          Winter:  October 24 – February 18 – 14 Week Session

                       No classes:          

                                    October 31 - Closed for Halloween
                                    November 21 – 27 Closed for Thanksgiving 
                                    December 21 – January 3 Closed for Christmas

     No Classes Winter Break February 19 – February 26 (week between winter & spring session)

          Spring:  February 27 – June 9 – 14 Week Session

                      No Classes:

                                      April 9 – April 16 – Closed for Spring Break
                                      May 29 – Closed for Memorial Day


Explanation of Fee Schedule and Sessions Offered:

We offer three sessions in our school year program, a fall session, a winter session, and spring session.  The fee schedule is listed above.  Please contact us if you need further explanation of our fees, if you are attending multiple hours or have more than one child in the program.

Holidays are not included in our sessions except for Halloween and Memorial Day.  If your class runs on one of these days, you may make up the class on another day we offer the class.  Any classes missed due to illness, injury  or conflict with another function may be made up.  If a snow day is called on a day your child is scheduled to attend you may make up that class.  Please check with your child's teacher on the best day to do the make up. 

There are several Monday holidays throughout the school year program.  The only Monday holiday that we will be closed this school year is Halloween and Memorial Day - if your child's class falls on this day you may make it up.