Description of Classes

Gymnastics class descriptions are made according to floor skills - Review the descriptions to help you determine where your child should initially be placed ... In addition, your child's teacher will also evaluate your child's skill level to make sure they have been properly place.  We want to make sure your child is in a learning environment that will help them to feel successful and confident.

Tumbling Tots:  A beginning gymnastics class for three and four year olds.  Parents are asked to participate with their child.

Level 1 & 2A gymnastics class that focuses on the basics skills of beginning gymnastics for ages 5 and up.

Level 3 & 4:  An advanced-beginner gymnastics class which works on a variety of cartwheels, handstands and backbend kick-over.

Level 5 -6 An intermediate-advanced gymnastics class which focuses on handsprings skills.

Level 7-8 An advanced gymnastics class for athletes who can do their handsprings and now are working saltos. 

Boys Class A beginning to advanced-beginner gymnastics class for boys ages 5 & up.

High School & Modified Classes:  After the fall high school gymnastics season, we offer a program to help keep the high school and modified gymnasts in shape and to help them to increase in skill level.  The schedule for these classes will be posted in November.

Tumbling for Cheerleaders:  This class is specifically focused on tumbling skills for cheerleaders who want to learn how to tumble.  We offer this class yearly when there is enough interest.   

Competitive Team Gymnastics:  The team follows the USA Gymnastics Xcel competitive program.  The focus is on skill development, proper technique, and conditioning. The silver team is for our first year competitive gymnast.  A silver level gymnast (which we also refer to as a hot shot) learns their routines and competes on the home team.  For gold, platinum, and diamond level Xcels there is a choice whether you want to be on the home team or on the travel team.  Those who choose to travel must sanction through USAG. Then they can  compete at away meets, with a goal of qualifying to the state meet and beyond.  If you are signing up for any of the team levels, you will need to review the team program which is also available on this website.

There are times when we do not offer all of the classes posted above.  We will add classes when we have enough interest and as needed.